what i'm About

I'm an art director and creative cross-pollinator with a passion for all things design. For me, a great designer is not bound by end application, media or medium.

We serve to solve problems, beautifully, meaningfully and efficiently to make our life experience better.  

how i got here

My education in fashion media and photography (5yrs) lead me to a co-founding partnership and 6yrs experience as a creative director at Sixhands fashion and interior textile design label. With my art direction experience at ACP/Bauer Media where I currently work across multi-platform brand executions on Australia's most loved mastheads and biggest brands, my journey has given me both varied and multi-disciplinary experience across a breadth of design disciplines, end consumers and business related activities and has honed my insight into successful design solutions.

My art direction experience has lead me to love and work with food and interiors in greater depth and has given me the privelage of  collaborating with some of the best in the business to bring my
creative concepts to life.

Some of my previous design highlights include the design of succesfull rug, wallpaper and fabric collections which have decorated countless Australian interior spaces including the foyer of an international hotel and Google's office fit-out, along with many custom brand and surface solutions for premium residential and hospitality interiors. Whether it be these applications, the design of textile prints for the Australian fashion industry or the concept creation and art direction of print and digital media in an advertising environment — I approach each design challenge with the same passion, creativity and eye for detail.  

This has given me the opportunity to both lecture and tutor students at UTS, gain international press coverage of my work as well as speak publicly on design. I constantly strive for the highest standard of work irrespective of the client or task in front of me.

where to from here

Excited by big ideas beyond the beige, I would love to discuss creative opportunities to help bring yours to life.

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